This is a teen space for creating. innovating. exploring. studying. relaxing. music. making new friends. reaching new heights.

Welcome to Nucleus

Nucleus Teen Center is a projected project that will serve the teens of the greater South Bay Area, including the cities of San Jose, Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Los Altos/Hills. Based on the work already laid out by organizations such as Foster City’s The Vibe Teen Center and Ann Arbor, M.I.’s The Neutral Zone, Nucleus will be an amalgamation of creativity, innovation, study spaces, and free spaces.

According to our recent teen survey:

over 62% of teens do not have access to these kinds of spaces.

over 95% of teens believe this space would be useful for them.


Nucleus is not an average study center or library-like facility. We envision this facility to be the go-to for creativity and innovation, in addition to studying and hanging out with friends. As such, we will provide the spaces that teens would find beneficial. Learn more about our anticipated spaces below.


QuietSpace Homework Area

First and foremost, Nucleus is about providing a space for teens to study without the distractions they may encounter elsewhere. QuietSpace will be similar to a library study space, but also provide some support within the space, such as peer tutors. It will also be accessible to computers with outlets on tables, and will feature at least four private study rooms for group studying. QuietSpace will remain open for the entire time Nucleus is open.

Computer Lab

Attached to QuietSpace but in a separate room will be a fully functional computer lab, equipped with the latest software for creation, innovation, and studying. Programs will include the Adobe Creative Suite, CAD software, Wacom tablets, document creation, and more. Printers will also be available for teen use at an extra fee similar to that of their schools. Like QuietSpace, the computer lab will be open the entire time Nucleus is.

Studio A: ArtStage

Studio A is one of the most creative spaces within Nucleus. This fully functional and multipurpose room is equipped with equipment for photography, filmmaking, and general artistic creation such as painting, drawing, etc. On certain days, Studio A will serve specific purposes, and other days it is available for all use.

Studio B: MakerLab

One of the most unique spaces in Nucleus is Studio B. Based on the groundwork of Makerspace for Education, Studio B features specifically hands-on and computer-based aspects of creation, such as simple woodwork, electrical work, soldering, and 3D printing. This space will be greatly individualized based on feedback from teens in the community.

Studio C: Recording and Music Stage

Studio C is an incredible stage that provides teens with the equipment necessary to record and publish incredible works of music or podcasting. This recording studio has the tools necessary for a small band to record a song or a budding singer to try record their first EP. In addition, breakout rooms for podcasting, musical practice rooms, and editing suites are also available. 

Lounge Area

Relaxing is an important part of being a teen. Couches, video games, and table games such as billiards, table tennis, foosball, and air hockey will be major aspects of this area. In addition, there will be common space televisions so teens can play what they want. The lounge area will also have the ability to transform into a space for large gatherings, for events that Nucleus will hold.

Parts of the lounge area will also be used, upon occasion, for mental health education from licensed professionals including information and resources regarding safe sex and substance abuse. On certain days, lounge area breakout rooms will also be used for counseling services.

Exercise Equipment

Gym access can be quite expensive, and high schools don’t provide some equipment that teens would like to use. Our small gym facility would provide the opportunity to both exercise and train. Although a track would not be provided, simple machines such for weight training and cardio would be available, following a small safety course.

Kitchen Area

A teen center would not be complete without a kitchen! Our kitchen would be small, but available for use. A refrigerator, freezer, microwave, etc., in addition to cooking supplies, would be provided.