This Space is what teens want.

(quotes taken verbatim from our recent teen survey)

“Our school has absolutely none of the facilities in the question of what would be in the proposed Teen Center. I am passionate about photography and videography, but there's no local environment for me to go pursue these passions by myself or even with like minded people.”

“It seems like an awesome multi-purpose place where teens can get some work done or hang out with friends, or even utilize resources that might be scarce at their schools or in their communities (e.g. resources on mental health and sex ed, expensive computer softwares).”

“I have always wanted a makerspace where I can go to collaborate on projects. I have no where to go if I want to work on a large hardware project with my friends. It would be a dream to have a space giving teens the opportunity and resources to build the things they never could.”

“A space that I could use during times when my school is unavailable to me and nearby libraries are too crowded, a center like this would be really helpful.”